Hi I'm Meghan. I'm 16 and losing weight :) I'm using this blog to help myself and help others. Feel free to ask for advice, send me advice, or just chat! :)

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#73 To run longer without stopping
  • me after running for one minute: i'm still alive, but i'm barely breathing

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Height- 5’8
‘Before’ weight- 150lbs
‘After’ weight- 125lbs
i’ve totalllly worked my ass off these past few months and have committed to eating superrr clean, and you know what? it’s all been sooo worth it! 
i’m the happiest, healthiest and lightest i’ve ever been, and to be honest, im loving life right now!:)

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That’s so awesome





THIS. Is how sweaty you should be after a real, tough workout.  Not like all those pretty pictures of models who pretend like they’ve been working out - with their perfect hair, skin, makeup, not a drop of sweat, not even out of breath. 

I think everyone needs a reminder of this.

This is sexy to me.

that’s how sweaty I was after insanity! haha
Huge motivation omg